Who We Are



Full Gospel Business Australia is an inter-denominational organization of Christian men and women whose lives are being transformed through having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


We are Partners called to be His Disciples, where Jesus is the Lord of our personal lives, in our families, in the marketplaces and even in our churches, because we know we have been called and chosen to make a difference to the culture of our homes, marketplaces, and consequently our nation. Thus we integrate with the church, the Kingdom of God, the marketplaces, transforming our communities and ultimately our nation.


Disciples understand the pressures of life and what they can do to a person, generation, family and business. We come from all walks of life, with its myriad of life experiences, but we share in one common relationship and fellowship, which is with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. This brings us the peace that is beyond all understanding in the midst of life’s trials and tribulations.
Jesus himself grew up in a family before becoming a carpenter and later starting His ministry. He has been tempted as we were, even in his personal life, family and the marketplaces and learnt obedience. So yes, God really understands and cares about us, every generation, in all our situations.


The FGBA is part of an international movement that started with a vision that God gave to a dairy farmer in California in 1953. Originally called the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International, this movement has now spread to more than 100 nations and brought millions of people into a relationship with Jesus, Abba Father and the Holy Spirit.


The FGBA encourages Partners to exercise their spiritual gifts in the marketplaces and communities, not just in their churches and fellowship gatherings. These gifts include not only the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, but also the apostolic, prophetic, evangelical, pastoral and teaching gifts.



FULL GOSPEL BUSINESS AUSTRALIA is a body of believers empowered by the Holy Spirit to transform the culture* of nations through discipling men and women for the work of the Kingdom of God.
*To transform the culture means to bring in the values of God’s Kingdom represented by integrity, honesty, righteousness, charity, peace, joy and faithfulness into every sector of the nation.



EVANGELIZE – Reach men and women in all nations for Jesus Christ with the Gospel of the Kingdom with the gospel of the kingdom of God
EMPOWER – Baptize believers with the Holy Spirit and fire
EQUIP – Train and disciple believers to fulfil the Great Commission
ENLARGE – Multiply disciples and enlarge our reach and spheres of influence
EXTEND – Establish the Kingdom of God in the marketplace, cities and nations

JESUS MANDATESfgba_mandates

  1. GOD

Love God, Love your neighbour, Love one another, Love your neighbour


Born into an unshakeable kingdom
Pray, preach, see, seek & send
Keys of the Kingdom, Citizens & Ambassadors


Make disciples of all nations
Baptising … Father, Son, & Holy Spirit
Teach apostles’ doctrine


Transform the spheres of influence, by serving God as His priests, prophets and kings to see His vision come to pass, His Kingdom established on earth.
Root out, sieve out, plant, build.


We are to do what Jesus did – do what He saw the Father doing, minister to many and disciple a few.

Our goal is to evangelise, equip and disciple believers in the marketplaces with biblical revelation, understanding, knowledge and wisdom to function as kingdom ambassadors for God to establish His kingdom here on earth.

In the modern world, every nation’s culture and society is dominated by the seven spheres of influence:

  • Arts, Sports and Entertainment
  • Business and Finance
  • Church and Religion
  • Distribution, Media and Communications
  • Education
  • Family
  • Government and Law.

The spheres of influence or “mountains” are important in that they are the places of action where we work together as one to see God’s vision and mission take place. The FGBA Partners, as His disciples, gather together regularly to fellowship and to do the will of the Father in conducting His business here on earth.

So our people are called “Partners” and their testimonies and prayers encourage us as disciples in the marketplace to choose and live out a Holy Spirit directed life as a body of believers through Jesus Christ.

Acts 17:28 – ‘for in Him we live and move and have our being …