The Vision Intensifies


Shortly before Demos Shakarian passed away in 1993, he wrote a book called, “The Vision Intensified”, in which he made a plea to all who were familiar with the previously mentioned God-given vision to get ready for a new wave of revival that would explode within the body of Christ.

In this booklet, Demos predicted that the original Vision he saw and re-told in this booklet “will intensify in an increasingly powerful wave of His glory!” Demos also implored his readers to re-focus on that original call, especially as many believers sensed, as Demos did, that we are in the end-times.

In both his books, “The Happiest People on Earth”, and, “The Vision Intensified”, Demos emphasised that the Vision was not for a big, centralised organisation. As the writer says in “The Happiest People on Earth”, “the Spirit of God conveyed to Demos the message, “I do not want a big centralised organisation . . . of course, come together on occasion to inspire and encourage each other, to light a fire bright enough for many to see. But for your day-in, year-out work, I want you to be small, local, sensitive to Me. I do not want uniformity. I will never come to two men or two places in just the same way. Give Me outlets for My infinite variety’.

In keeping with that exhortation, may we today be encouraged to share in the heartfelt prayer by Demos on the last page of this booklet, reflecting positively on lessons learned from the past and for the achievement of God’s purposes for FGBMFI in the future.