Praying against the coronavirus and for miracles

Expect a miracle, even with COVID-19.

John Alley, of Peace Ministries in Rockhampton, Queensland, and a great friend of the FGBA, is an apostle called by Christ to take His message throughout Australia and beyond. He has graciously allowed the FGBA to provide links to some of his most recent messages placed on YouTube and Facebook.

Apostle John Alley is the Senior Minister of Peace Christian Community in Rockhampton and has a strong call to pioneer apostolic ministry. John loves to encourage other apostles, pastors and churches, and there are many young and old, Asian and Australian, who look to John as a spiritual father. The Lord has given him vital messages for today on apostolic revelation, the reformation of the church, grace, listening prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare. He regularly conducts apostolic schools and conferences to equip and release believer to serve the body of Christ and to advance the renewal of the church. John and Hazel have known great blessing on their home life. They have 8 children, David, Philip, Elizabeth, Stephen, Simeon, Joseph, Ezekiel and Susanna.

Further information on Peace Ministries is available at

Recently, he did a short series about dealing authoritatively with the Coronavirus Pandemic. He wrote “After leading prayers dealing with the Pandemic in our region for our 2nd online service for Peace last Sunday morning, I felt quite exercised in spirit to publish further thought concerning a prayer strategy that works, that I am personally finding easy to pursue, with authority, in the Holy Spirit.” 

“The result so far has been three (3) short videos, of which I give a brief outline here:

The FIRST is a 9 minute video now on Youtube on our Peace Apostolic Ministries channel. 

The subject is “A RING of FIRE: Spiritual realities in dealing with Covid-19“.

This is an effective yet simple prayer strategy for dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic in any region.

Here is the link, if you wish to pursue it:

The SECOND is that this message raised a question: “Is that fire real, or symbolic?”

In fact the grace of Christ produces three kinds of Fire – material, spiritual, and metaphorical. All three are spoken of in many places in the Scriptures.  It does not help us to confuse them. And not all are equal: which is the greatest? To answer that question I recorded this information, Know Well Your Fire!

It’s a bit longer, at 23 minutes. Here is the link, if you’d like to follow this through:

And the THIRD is quite compelling.

It is important that we take a stand for the region we live in at this time – and beyond your region if the Lord grants you the grace for that, not just in words, but in effective faith and authority.  It’s very possible.

So, further to the earlier videos teaching about placing a “Wall of Fire” about the region, in this one (only 7 Mins) I have answered critics, and gone on site to Mt Archer, overlooking Rockhampton, to give further  instruction and demonstrate the prayer required, not only for confronting the Coronavirus but also to place Christ’s powerful peace upon the city. 

Here is the link for Establishing Protection & Peace over a City:

He also wrote: “Having faith for miracles is a very important matter, and I think I’m in a position to address the subject. So I have started a new series taking up this matter of MIRACLES and how to OBTAIN them. These do follow on naturally from the short series I did about dealing authoritatively with the Coronavirus Pandemic.

But just prior to producing the first two on Miracles, below, I did the following one on something that is a very important matter, a critical matter, for every home and church:

The Powerful, Tangible & Usable Anointing of Christ’s Peace

Can you take hold of an anointing, in this case Christ’s Peace, and place it upon someone’s heart and life? Yes, you can, and Jesus said, “Freely you have received; freely give!”

I have walked in the Peace anointing and ministered it for many years. Learn about it and how you can minister it to individuals, families, homes, churches and cities.

Just 10 minutes – Here is the link: