Partner With Us

Thank you for either applying to be a partner in, or renewing your commitments to, Full Gospel Business Australia.

Please complete the form in the link below:

To complete the form:

1) Select your “Gathering” group from the dropdown list, changing it from “Adelaide City” to the name of your Gathering group.

2) Please complete your personal details section. Address line 2 is optional.

3) Please complete the payment section before clicking on “Submit” at the bottom of the form

a) After discussing your financial commitment with your leader, at the Amount box, select which of the four fees you will be paying:

i) for full partner, either $10 per month or $120 annually

ii) for approved pensioners, either $5 per month or $60 annually

b) Then let us know how you intend to pay your fees

i) By bank transfer (direct debit)

ii) By credit card

4) Then Submit

Thank you for completing the form



National Chairman Full Gospel Business Australia.