NSW / ACT State Report June 2015

Over the past few months we have been encouraged by doors that the Holy Spirit has opened for us and for positive signs in the spiritual realm, as well.

In March we launched our first FGBA NSW/ACT Women’s Gate in Canberra with Margaret Gossip appointed as the Gate Leader. They have been meeting for prayer each week and have been holding monthly Gate meetings, as well. The Holy Spirit has been moving with them and their prayers are being answered in the marketplace.

If you are a Christian woman and live in NSW or the ACT and want to know more about the FGBA Women’s Gate Meetings, then please contact Margaret Gossip via email at pmgoss@bigpond.com.

The North Canberra Gate meets weekly for prayer and holds monthly Outreach Gate Meetings. Recently God has added new men to the weekly meetings and we are seeking God as to whether He wants to add them to ‘the team’. If so they will want to attend the FGBA MDM to receive the vision and mandate God has given us.

The Canberra Gate is ably led by Doctor George Perry who is focusing on the 8 W’s and establishing Father/son relationships as part of the discipling process. The lord has been adding new men to the Gate, as well, which reminds me of what Demos Shakarian said, “Don’t worry about numbers. I’ll find the people I want, wherever they are, and I will bring them to you. Do your part faithfully, and leave the rest to me.” (The Vision Intensified, Pg 10)

Dr George Perry and I visited Senator Bob Day and more recently Senator Zed Seselja and we were encouraged that they are so open and desirous to see God’s principles applied in our society.

Sydney Chinatown FGBA Gate recently held an Outreach Dinner with over 100 people present. The Guest speaker was Peter Tsukahira, from Israel. He is considered one of the best speakers in the world today on Marketplace Ministries.

The rest of FGBA NSW is currently inactive and we are praying for God to ‘quicken’ his leading to us and to prepare hearts for this vital work to spread throughout our State.

Jesus said, “No one, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” (Luke ch 9 vs 62). Be encouraged as you persevere because the Bible declares, “We shall reap, if we faint not.”

Anthony Connell

FGBA NSW/ACT State Director.