NSW ACT State Report August 2018

So far 2018 has been an encouraging year for FGBA NSW and the ACT. Our activity in NSW has been very limited with Port Stephens and Batemans Bay being the only Gates to hold activities this year.

NSW: Batemans Bay Gate held its first outreach dinner function in May with Heather and myself the guest speakers. There were ten people present but the Holy Spirit was very evident in our midst and we received encouraging feedback. On 31st October, this year Jimmy and Ruth Njiino will be ministering at the Bay Life Church. This has been organised by FGBA NSW and through Michael Welsh, the Gate leader for FGBA Batemans Bay.

In May this year Peter Arena, Gate leader for Port Stephens NSW, held two weeks of meetings at different churches, under the banner of FGBA, with international speaker Ps James Jacob. Lives were touched and many people encouraged in their faith. God has given Peter Arena the gift of miracles and he has seen some wonderful healings.

Sydney has been ‘very quiet’ and so I need to seek God more as to His strategy at this point in time.

ACT: Canberra Gate meets weekly on a Tuesday night under the leadership of Doctor George Perry. The men who attend are being discipled and trained to live out the Christian life and to be active witnesses in their community.

FGBA Canberra Women’s Gate: Marg Gossip has been meeting weekly with a gatekeeper in the government mountain and two ladies who hold senior positions in the public service.  All are gaining a deep understanding of the necessity to pray into the seven mountains.  They are also part of a group which the gatekeeper started in response to the horrible death of a woman and her 2 children.   After much prayer, an organisation registered as MELT was started by this gatekeeper to share testimonies each month for women to walk with each other so that there was never a feeling of walking through life on your own.  Whilst this is not part of the FGBA it is bringing many to Christ and giving life skills and an understanding of the power of prayer with approximately 50 women attending.

North Canberra Gate meets weekly at Frank Glavinic’s home to seek God through praise and worship and to minister through the Holy Spirit to one another. We have been blessed by God’s presence and lives are being transformed as God has been giving visions, prophecies and anointed teaching. The effect is an increased passion to seek God, to stand against the powers of darkness and to become more effective in being ambassadors for Christ.

North Canberra FGBA Gate also holds monthly outreach dinner functions where short testimonies, praise and worship and a guest speaker shares and ministers in the Holy Spirit. God is adding new people to us as people realise that God is in our midst. Last Saturday we officially welcomed Promise Okameme as a new FGBA Gatekeeper.

I am convinced that God has directed me to focus on Jesus and on the personal mandates He has given us. “God inhabits the praises of His people, & “In the presence of the Lord the mountains flow down.” We are seeing a paradigm shift whereby we will not accept the status quo in our nation and that through the presence of God, faith is being stirred up to ‘cast down imaginations and every proud obstacle to the knowledge of God.’ To God be the glory as we continue to be guided by Him.

Anthony Connell