National Newsletter July 2014 Report on WA MDM Seminar

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National Newsletter July 2014

Report on the Making Disciples in the Market Place Seminar in Perth

I want to thank our Heavenly Father for what He has done in and through this organisation and our own personal lives.  The Lord has been restoring our souls through the mending of relationships as He has given us all the ministry of reconciliation, and He is rebuilding His people through the new mandate of FGBA, Making Disciples in the Market Place.

Those who have attended the Boot Camp and Making Disciples in the Market Place in Singapore, facilitated by Singapore Gatekeepers have learnt how to overcome unpleasant and hurtful experiences in the past, so that they can soldier on, and persevere in the work for the Kingdom of God. The Lord has been at work here in the West, rebuilding His end time people, who will once again move throughout this land by power of His Holy Spirit. It has always been the thrust of FGB to train and equip men and women to fulfil the Great Commission.  We got a foretaste with the introduction of the MDM School here in Perth.

In June, George Perry, Rod and Lorna Winter travelled to Perth for 3 days and invested their time, talents, and gifts to equip us more thoroughly to continue sharing about the Kingdom of God.

Their focus for the MDM School was to bring revelation of the new mandate we have adopted.  They did this by not only teaching, but instructing, then handed the reigns over to us to activate and apply what we had learnt to real life situations. What they taught impacted one person who had never attended any of our meetings previously.  They caught the vision and are running with it.

Our hearts were touched when George shared his testimony.  We were amazed about the testimonies of heart transplant patients. It’s all about our hearts and what’s stored in them. God does not look at numbers who attend the meetings, but at our hearts. God hears and knows our hearts, he shows no favouritism and he uses anyone who is prepared and willing to hear and obey His will.

The subject on the Divine Plumbline and the three Fathers in our lives is a subject not to be taken lightly. I want to encourage us all as George presented this topic that the important authority figures in our lives and the experiences we had with them, loving or accepting, damaging or traumatic, can result in infantile reactions that appear in adulthood.  This subject causes us to examine ourselves, and enables us to see some of the personality traits we have developed.

To help us along in personal development, George mentioned we need to have accountability relations. This is one area that many fall short. We may have a relationship with God our heavenly Father, but our biological father and his household may be in tatters. We all need a Barnabus in our lives, an accountability partner, along with a mentor disciple, like Paul was to young Timothy.  These relationships along with a Spiritual Father help us to walk in holiness, because the one who called us is Holy, so we ought to live a Holy life. This is one of the new waves that Demos saw, written in his book “The Vision Intensified”.  He saw a New Wave of Holiness. This is what we sensed over the weekend, that the Lord has begun something new.

Two brothers from the Indonesian Chapter, Mark Effendi and Ps Timothy joined us over the weekend.  The Lord commanded a blessing because of brethren coming together in unity. We have been meeting together for the past two years and our friendship continues to strengthen because they are Kingdom minded and whatever they do, they are doing it all for the glory of God. Ps Tim shared about something that helped him to overcome past hurts, which then released someone else to share something that they had harboured in their heart.  Oh the joy of knowing that God was in the midst of us breaking the chains of bondage, which Demos saw in his vision.

On the last day, many people were blessed as Rod prophesied over them.  One of the meeting attendees read from a passage of scripture as God bought revelation and inspiration as the spirit of prophecy flowed. We believe an invitation was given to us from Isaiah 55 to:

“Come all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost………Surely you will summon nations you know not; and nations that do not know you will hasten to you, because of the Lord your God, the Holy one of Israel and WA, for He has endowed you with splendour.”

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled”, – Matt 5:6

May God bless you as you share about His glorious Kingdom.

Mike Munro

Perth South Gate