Miracles are waiting for us every day – Series 1

Miracles – how do you receive them?

Apostle John Alley of Peace Ministries in Rockhampton shares on some amazing miracles he has witnessed in a series of short clips listed below. He says:

Many believers do not have great faith to obtain miracles. And yet the Bible is clear, “He…works miracles among you,” (Gal 3:5). What is it that we need to understand so as to walk with God in receiving miracles as part of healthy church and family life.  I’ve seen a lot of miracles, more than I can remember. In this series, I take the stories of some of the surprising miracles I have seen in answer to prayer, so as to build faith and draw out the lessons we might need.”

Walking in Miracles #1: Flattening the Big Flood

There are FOUR IMPORTANT THINGS WE CAN LEARN – just 15 minutes: https://youtu.be/EP595xOYmEw

Walking in Miracles #2: Patrick & the Great Tree

Just 9 minutes, and a great truth. You will enjoy the humour in this episode https://youtu.be/4USaB7OQmg0

Walking in Miracles #3 – Even The Winds Obey

An important goal for believers is to imitate the faith of the Lord Jesus, learning to walk easily and naturally in the authority of His Name, which He has given to us.  This calls for us to explore the dimensions of faith in all the things that the words of Jesus have made available to us.  The disciples were amazed that “even the wind and the waves obey Him.” But He said, “The works that I do, you shall do also.” Be encouraged to understand and explore these graces: https://youtu.be/BFtNSWvGdwU

Walking in Miracles #4 – The Return of the Coleus

Basic to obtaining miracles is often the simple exercise of authority in the name of Jesus. This is a foundational ‘skill’ for all believers, since you will find that the exercise of faith, and the exercise of authority in His name, must necessarily go together. The foundation laid here we will build on in coming days.

Just 9 minutes, an eye-opening insight –  https://youtu.be/2LWuom0Feeo

Walking in Miracles #5 – Miscarriages & the spirit of Death

There are, in the main, four kinds of miracles — (1) dealing with natural events such as Hurricanes, droughts and fog, etc (2) healing and deliverance, (3) Miracles of provision, and (4) breakthroughs in the spirit realm and dealing authoritatively with high level principalities and powers. In this series we will deal with all four.

Today, learn of the determination and clarity of spirit that helps to obtain many a grace, and which brought about a great deliverance from a spirit of death. Just 9 minutes:  https://youtu.be/HKuc59Zb-_w

Walking in Miracles #6 – Praying at the Gates of Death

There are times and places where it is a certain kind of intercession that breaks through. This episode deals with cases of both spiritual and physical death. Just 9 minutes, catch the spirit in the heart of this kind of prayer: https://youtu.be/ibOSLTmpIgw

Walking in Miracles #7 – Cutting Through the Fog

Keys to exercising faith and lessons from years of experience come up in this account of multiple miracles back-to-back. A bit longer at 14 minutes, but these truths are greatly helpful for those who seek to believe God for outcomes.

Find out more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mp3QnuxJ3PM

Walking in Miracles #8 – Healing Released by Simple Words

I remarked a couple of days ago, in Miracles #7, that we often get more from what we say than from what we pray. Jesus emphasised both.
Learn in 7 minutes how to add simple, powerful words to your prayers  at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qGYwVq7SQM.

Walking in Miracles #9 – The Forgotten Tool & Financial Breakthrough

All of us at some time need a BIG answer to a great problem. Sometimes it’s a huge financial threat, or an intractable property disaster. Learn about what is often the forgotten tool that we must use to bring about the solution you need at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcLTlsZLhno.

Walking in Miracles #10 – Selling the Unmarketable

Six miracles at once! This week we are dealing with financial miracles. Sooner or later, in property sales or big unexpected bills, and whether in family, church or mission needs, all of us need an answer. Here is the most unlikely outcome of all, with a lesson in the exercise of divine authority for every believer. This also has, hidden within it, evidence showing that the cleanest miracles flow where there is submission to leadership. At https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ndcqhmj28aM

Walking in Miracles #11 – I need a tractor

Sooner or later, there are genuine things we need, but they seem out of reach and we can see no way ahead. But the Lord has a way! He delights to meet the needs of our lives and, as Scripture says, the desires of our heart. Scripture also says, “You have not, because you do not ask.” We must learn to confidently ask of God, and trust Him for gracious outcomes such as this one at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-UpGxuAQ_s 

Walking in Miracles #12 – The key element that brings answers

There is just one thing that when present always brings outcomes – but when missing, very little happens. This single element we all have, and it is very simple to use: yet most Christians neglect it or overlook it. But when employed the difference is astounding. For John Alley, it has resulted in seeing 47 years of miracles. Watch this teaching at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18i8VxJTsEQ

Walking in Miracles #13 – Gripping the Key that Brings the Miracle

This episode contains the story that has defined and demonstrated, more than any other, John Alley’s walk of faith in obtaining miracles. And this is where we see and learn, in startlingly clear relief, the way to pray and believe for wonderful and practical answers to prayer.