Inviting God’s Rule by Bill Sgro

As i was reading and meditating on Psalm 93 the other day, there were some real appropriate notes in the margin of my Bible under “Kingdom Dynamics” that is well worth passing on to you as we continue to pass through this challenging time in the history of FGBA.
[show_more more=”Click here to read the whole article”] It is with this type of revelation from the Holy Spirit that will see us move on through this time to a place where we are going in our Journey.
The message is headed, “Inviting God’s Rule, worship and the Kingdom.”

“Your throne is established from of old. The notion that kingdom advance “establishes” God’s throne needs clearer understanding. It is foolish to think man could add to or diminish the power or glory of God’s kingdom rule. However, its equally unwise to overlook the responsible place the redeemed have been given. We are to welcome the kingdom and administrate situations on Earth by inviting the overreaching might of God’s Spirit to move into difficult or even impossible circumstances and transform them.”

“This is done by praise: “in everything (not for everything) give thanks (fill the situation with praise), for this is God’s will for you (1 Thess. 5:17). Thus we welcome the overruling power of God’s presents into any situation we face. Pray, “your kingdom come, Your will be done-Here.”

This folks is very affirming to the training we have been under. Set up a place for God’s throne to enter by filling your life’s settings with praise. As Gideon’s trumpeters (Judg. 7:17-22) and Jehoshaphat’s choir (2 Chr. 20:20-22) confounded their enemies and paved the way for the victory the Lord said he would give, so praise brings the same entry of the King’s kingdom today. (Ps. 22:3, Rev. 1:5,6). We have been made Kings and Priests. Please read the scriptures in your Bible for powerful affirmation.

I pray this revelation inspires your heart as it has mine. We need to understand that we are the Sons of the King, and he looks out for us and moves at our request into those places that we never dreamed possible. That includes all the challengers we face and have faced in FGBA and in the 7 mountains we are focused on now.


Bill Sgro.
National Director FGBA Victoria