Here is a list of books available from the FGBA Bookstore. For Bookstore orders, please select the book you would like to purchase and send an email to Please specify the book type and quantity of books you want to purchase in the email.

If you require any more information, please contact the National Office by clicking the Contact link and filling out our Contact form.

Books for purchase:

  • Happiest People On Earth by Demos Shakarian – $25.00 AUD each incl. postage within Australia
  • Vision Intensifies Booklet by Demos Shakarian – $2.50 AUD each
  • The Awakening Giant by Val Fotherby – $15.00 AUD each
  • I Dare You God by Michael Hicks – $10.00 AUD each
  • In His Footsteps by Rod Winter – $20.00 AUD each