Gatekeepers Arise!

By Georgie Lee, National President, Gatekeepers Singapore.

Attached is an article that gives great clarity to the two cultural mandates given by God to Adam, and how it relates to the two kingdom mandates given by Jesus.

It helps to

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Grace, amazing grace

Anthony Connell shares the prophetic revelations he received on grace.


There is so much teaching today on God’s grace, and so there should be. John Newton’s powerful hymn declares, ‘Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved

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Delivered from addiction

Robert Stewart of North Canberra FGBA shares a short testimony

Robert Stewart shares, in a 10 minute video, his testimony of God delivering him from addiction to drugs and alcohol, healing him from melanoma and blessing him in his spiritual growth.

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A divine encounter

Anthony Connell shares a testimony

Anthony Connell shares, in a short 10 minute videoclip, a divine encounter where God asked him three questions and then gave him some simple yet profound Kingdom keys to see Australia come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


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